Based in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, Flaming Golf was established in 2008 by a number of 'gifted' amateurs. Having tried a few different brands of pompom head covers, we were frustrated by their poor fit and how quickly they fell apart... we also wanted to design our own head covers for that unique splash of colour. So we decided to design and produce our own high quality knitted head covers, which started to sell like hot cakes and so Flaming Golf was born.

In 2009, we introduced the unique Flaming Golf 'Long John' for a golf professional who wanted an extra long head cover to protect the full length of his driver shaft. To our knowledge, Flaming Golf is the only company offering these double length head covers.

All of our head covers are handmade in the United Kingdom. Unlike some other companies, we do not mass produce our head covers. Hand making each individual head cover allows us to ensure that they are of a high quality and gives our customers the opportunity to design their own for that truly unique look.

Since our inception Flaming Golf has grown rapidly and in 2010, we introduced our trendy 'Tee Box' range of golf apparel, which includes funky golf trousers and polo shirts. The latest addition to our clothing line are our Maverick Tartan Trousers... but be warned, you need a big swing and bigger personality to wear these bad boys!

We currently trade online via our website,, on eBay and via our Facebook social store. We also sell our clothing through a number of pro shops. If you are a golf retailer and would like to stock our clothing, please send an email to